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Five actors use the language of movement to express an important theme from their corporeal experience. The performance consists of five solo compositions about actors' feelings, thoughts and self-images. Five versions of fear and courage, the beautiful and the ugly, the preferable and the reality, five versions of doubts and daring.

Actors: Alise Berga, Kristīne Paula, Austra Ziļicka, Edgars Baranovičs, Vilnis Bīriņš.
Choreography: Santa Grīnfelde and actors.
Costumes: Ieva Veita-Breidaka
Visual design: Krista Ose
Lights: Krišjānis Strazdīts, Andrējs Krūmiņš.

Music by: James Blake, Colleen, Minotaur Shock, Murcof, Susumu Yokota, Steve Reich.

Supported by: VKKF, Riga City Council, Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine