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On the 8th of September from 8.00 pm until 12.00 pm the perfrormance "WHOEVER..." will take place in the Kaņepe Kultūras Centrs. The event is a part of the contemporary culture forum THE WHITE NIGHT. 

The performance "Whoever..." is a transformed version of the play "Whoever...". Five actors speak in the language of movement about their fears and courage, the beautiful and the ugly, the desirable and the existing, their doubts and daring. Being in different spaces but sharing the same time, the five actors play out their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The short-footage film "The Adventure of Movement" will be shown during the event.

Idea: Santa Grībfelde.
Actors: Alise Berga, Kristīne Paula, Austra Ziļicka, Edgars Baranovičs, Vilnis Bīriņš.
Scenogrāfija: Krista Ose.
Lights: Dzintars Krūmiņš, Andrējs Krūmiņš.
Sound: Toms Rings.